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工作地點:深圳南山凱達爾集團中心大廈 招聘人數:若干 發布時間:2016-6-21






Sales Assistant
工作地點:Shenzhen 招聘人數:2 發布時間:2016-3-25

Main duties:
1、 Assist sales staff to maintain the company's existing customers to ensure the stability of the customer, the sales department together to complete the task;
2、 Visit the company's existing common customers to understand the current situation and needs;
3、 Help salespeople quotes, follow up customer orders status, while follow-up factory production status, there are problems in a timely manner to communicate with customers;
4、Assist sales staff to handle customer feedback and abnormal;
5、 Assist sales staff to follow up the status of the customer bills, invoices and payment;
6、 If performance is good, can be promoted as a sales engineer;

1、 College education, electronic or marketing majors;
2、 Lively and cheerful, active thinking, there is the spirit of dedication and sense of responsibility;
3、Affinity, good communication skills, able to work under pressure, willing to work in sales;

工作地點:惠州市惠東縣 招聘人數:1名 發布時間:2016-3-25





CAM Engineer
工作地點:Shenzhen 招聘人數:3 發布時間:2016-3-25


1、Secondary school diploma, have some foundation in English, there are more than two years of work experience in the same position; 

2、Proficient CAM, CAD software and related support software; familiar with the PCB production process;

3、CAM will handle double-sided and multilayer full set of data;

4、Production will be produced MI, impedance boards and buried blind plate processing experience; 

5、The correct interpretation of production data provided by the customer;

6、The feasibility of the production test data;

7、According to the information technology optimization capabilities, improve production yield and efficiency;

8、Provide the means of production and optimize material utilization;

9、Provide technical support for the production, with sales, communicate with customers, the ability to interpret the relevant processes.

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